Restroom Trailers & Portables

Many events require restroom facilities as well as mobile showers.  Wash Away works with local businesses to coordinate all of your event needs.  We will coordinate delivery, pick up and pumping of portapotties or restroom trailers. Wash Away allows you to deal with one vendor instead of multiple so you can spend less time on the phone and more time focused on your event, project or recovery. For more information on restroom trailers please click here.


Stand-Alone Operation Support 

Wash Away Mobile Showers has generators, fresh water tanks, and pumps to enable trailers to be operated in areas where power and water are not available.  We also offer fresh water refills and pumping services. Let Wash Away design the best set up for your event to ensure reliable, continuous service even in remote locations. 


Hand Washing Stations

A portable hand washing station is an excellent way to keep workers and guests clean. Wash Away can provide these completely self-contained stations that require no plumbing or sewer connections. Ideal for large crowds at outdoor events, construction sites, fairs, festivals and sport fields. Contact us for more information on the equipment you need for your job site or event.